Social responsibility

The Yakhin Group in the community

As one of the longest-established companies in the Israeli market, the Yakhin Group views its commitment to the community in which it does business as a core value of its identity. 


Ever since it was first established, the Group has implemented a consistent policy of social responsibility, and has done so through ongoing financial support of various projects and organizations, as well as voluntary activities for the benefit of disadvantaged communities. Over the years, the Yakhin Group and the Shamoon family have contributed to a variety of projects and organizations, some of which include: the Sami Shamoon College of Engineering in the Negev, which trains approximately 4,000 engineers every year, Bar-Ilan University, international doctor training projects, donation of advanced medical equipment to a number of hospitals in Israel, donations to IDF soldiers, the building of war memorials, and more.


In the next few years, the Group will be focusing its philanthropic activity on an exceptional flagship project – the establishment of a children’s home in Netanya, under the name Beit HaTikvah (House of Hope). This project will provide a warm, stable, modern home for dozens of children who have lost their parents, or whose parents are unable to care for them. It will not only provide for all their needs, but also ensure that they grow up within a safe, supportive environment.

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