Commercial Division

The Commercial Division undertakes complete, exclusive management of the Group's shopping and leisure complexes, which operate under the "Y Center" (formerly "YakhinCenter") brand name. For about a decade, the Group's complexes have been offering a pleasant shopping and leisure experience based on the model of an open shopping center in prime locations at the heart of bustling commercial and industrial zones.


Within these complexes, visitors find a range of recreational facilities for the whole family, excellent restaurants and popular stores, as well as free parking for customers and convenient access options. The Group believes that the success of these commercial and recreational centers stems from providing a solution that suits the needs of the community and the local business environment. With this in mind, the Group has developed a comprehensive management model which provides a full response to activity in the Y Center complexes – starting with development of the sites, continuing with their operational management and maintenance, and ending with business and marketing development.


Y Center Petah Tikva - Yakhin Hakal Group IsraelY-center Petah Tikva - click here

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